Our Firm

Corrigan Financial emphasizes building enduring relationships with our clients, relationships that are based on mutual trust and ongoing communication. Our objective is to provide you with the most suitable plan to achieve your financial goals and to work with you to be sure your portfolio is properly monitored and rebalanced as your wealth grows and as you move from one life phase to another.
Because we are independently owned and operated, we are not tied to any particular “brand” of products and we are not limited a single “family” of investments, tax minimization strategies, and insurance policies.
We recommend the best investments available for your portfolio from the entirety of the market, including both publicly traded and privately offered investment opportunities. 
We recommend the best tax minimization strategies through the use of legal structures and tax-advantaged investment products available from a wide variety of providers. If you own a business, we suggest ways to use its structure to your full benefit. We coordinate with your attorneys and accountants to assure your strategies are always as effective as possible.
We recommend risk management tools, such as disability and long term care insurance, from the best sponsors.
We provide our services for a fee, for commissions, or for a combination of fees and commissions based on the most cost-effective structure for you.