Our Calendar

Corrigan Financial frequently hosts seminars exploring financial issues in convenient locations around the Bay Area. Contact us for more information about upcoming events.
A popular speaker, Nancy Corrigan is available to talk with your group about subjects that interest you. Frequently requested presentation topics include:
  • Financial planner auditions – how to pick your supporting cast
  • Education funding – how to keep your kids in private school and college without going on the Alpo diet
  • Insurance planning – what if the beer truck doesn’t kill you?
  • Wealth management – now I’m comfortable, how do I stay this way?
  • Retirement planning – will there be too much month at the end of the money?
  • Estate planning – death may be inevitable, but estate taxes aren’t
  • Mind your own business – what business owners need to know about using their financial assets and company structure

Give us a call to find out our current schedule and/or to request a specific topic for your group.