Plan for Tomorrow!

Plan for Tomorrow!

Corrigan Financial - your trusted companion on the road toward your financial goals

Maybe you know a lot about financial matters, but you just don’t have the time to monitor your portfolio. Maybe your portfolio has become a mess over the years. Maybe you think investing is confusing, so you’re just driving fast to make as much money as you can now and not thinking about what’s ahead.

If you’ve been postponing slowing down to look at your financial situation it takes too much time or is just too complicated, or if you’ve been avoiding every exit ramp that leads toward a financial planner because you think they’re all salespeople determined to sell you something –

Now’s the time to step on the brakes and talk to Corrigan Financial about navigating the road toward your financial goals.

We’ll sit down with you and talk about your current obligations and priorities, your goals for the future, and your legacy. Once we understand what you have, need, and want, we’ll map the best route to your destination and recommend the best vehicles to take you there.

We’ll look at all the investments you have, and we’ll explain clearly the reasons we think you should hold or sell each one. We’ll be sure you understand the kinds of investments that are available and which are appropriate for you. We’ll recommend specific investments and create a true portfolio, where every holding is included for a reason. You’ll always know what that reason is, and how the portfolio fits together.

Corrigan Financial listens to you. And when we talk, we speak your language.