Our clients are busy, intelligent and successful professionals and families. Genuinely nice people who care about their families, they would rather have fun with them than devote a lot of time to dealing with financial matters. They want their money to serve them, not the other way around.

These clients want to understand how things work, and specifically, how financial planning will work for them. They know that it’s an ongoing process, and that markets go up and down. And they are generally open-minded regarding possible approaches and solutions. But it’s important that they get their questions answered and take an active role in the process, so they can understand what they are doing and why..

Many clients have achieved a level of success where now they have “real money,” and they know it’s time to get serious. Some have experienced a family transition event – such as receiving an inheritance, losing a spouse or having to step in to care for their parents. Others have reached the realization that they need a plan to help their kids go to college.

Our clients recognize the value of finding a smart, planning-focused professional who can help them do what they don’t have the time or the desire to do for themselves. They appreciate that we communicate well - in the manner our clients find most comfortable - whether it’s words, numbers or pictures.