Career Change

Your employment situation is about to change. Perhaps you’ve been offered a nice promotion, or the opportunity to transfer to a new city, or buyout a part of the company, or been downsized, or maybe you just want to switch career paths. While your business life is in flux, you’re concerned about decisions regarding your compensation package, how to balance current income and spending and the impact on your overall financial plan and goals.

Education Funding

You know that it’s time to start planning for your children’s (or grandchildren’s) college. Costs have climbed steadily, and you are concerned about breaking the bank, negatively impacting your own retirement or burdening your children or grandchildren with a lot of debt.

Income & Asset Protection 

Life happens, and you know you need some type of financial safety net to cover the unexpected things that could turn anyone’s financial situation upside-down. 



The financial implications of marriages, re-marriages, domestic partnerships, divorce and widowhood can be daunting. It isn’t always clear what the best choices might be.

Preserving the Family

Special situations relating to children or siblings with disabilities, parents or grandparents with elder care issues, generational wealth transfer concerns and the desire to leave a lasting legacy can create particular challenges for families.