Stage I

Consultation and Analysis, Current Financial Position and
Risk Profile 
Asset Allocation and Risk Management Recommendations Research, Prospective Investment Opportunities and Risk Management Tools Specific Investments and Risk Management Plan

Our first step is to review where you are in your life, looking at your age, your family, your current financial position. We examine your business operation to see how you are using its structure to manage income, expenses, employment benefits, and insurable risks. Next we discuss where you want to be and what you want to be doing in six months, a year, five years, thirty years – whatever time frame you choose. Then we explore your preferred means to make your wealth grow, from scheduled cash contributions (like transfers from current income) to automatic reinvestments (like buying more investments with your dividends and interest received from current investments).

We study your business for additional income, expense, and tax management opportunities. We analyze your executive structure and recommend solutions to potential inheritance or transitional problems. Finally we talk about your legacy and how to make sure that your business continues and that the people and organizations you want receive the benefits you want them to have.

When we understand your current situation, your business operations, and your life objectives, we prepare a written plan that includes an analysis of your business operations, your current holdings, recommendations about what to hold and what to sell, recommendations about what kinds of investments to add, and what legal entities (such as trusts) you may need to create to protect your investments and assure the most favorable tax treatments. We also evaluate your risk profile and recommend appropriate insurance product types designed to protect your income and assets.

Based on our findings, we recommend how to best use your business to execute appropriate segments of the plan (such as managing income, expenses, employment benefits, and insurable risks) as well as specific investments and holding structures, tax minimization strategies, and insurance policies chosen to meet your particular individual needs.

Stage II

Plan Execution and Monitoring

As we execute your plan, we’ll monitor your individual portfolio and keep you informed of its performance. If individual investments begin to peak in value or to lag our expectations, we’ll recommend when to sell. When appropriate new opportunities arise, we’ll propose adding them to your holdings. If new risk management tools become available, we’ll suggest appropriate additions and alterations. For those portions of the plan being executed through your business, we’ll periodically touch base with you to confirm that performance is in accordance with expectations. At least annually, we’ll sit down with you and review your overall plan to be sure it still meets your needs. When you tell us about changes in your life and your business, we’ll look at your plan together and decide on any needed adjustments.