Our first interaction is likely to take place as an introductory phone conversation. I want to learn about what caused you to want to speak with a financial advisor and what you want to accomplish. Then I explain what I do and provide some information about my cost structure.

Our goal is to make sure we have a good fit―whether it makes sense for us to move forward together. If the answer is “yes,” then we schedule our first meeting, and I send you our meeting guide and “wish list” of what to bring.

This meeting is likely to last two hours. We go over the wish list, and I ask lots of questions. My approach is very visual (whiteboards, Post-It sheets, color-coding, pictures and timelines). Assuming the meeting goes well, we talk about next steps – investment management, ongoing planning and account paperwork.

Our planning meetings continue the process. We pull out the Post-It sheets and begin to fill in the gaps, ultimately resulting in a 3-5-page summary with goals, available assets, assumptions and next steps. We talk about each action item, who will do what, and a time frame for following up.

You can expect to receive quarterly update emails with performance reports, a manager summary and my own commentary. Our annual face-to-face (or phone) review enables us to track your progress, make adjustments as necessary and follow up on planning items.